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About Outfleet – in brief

Outfleet is a meticulously developed, tried and tested app for businesses and industries that depend on fine-tuned well-oiled logistic assets to reach out to customers who want deliveries at their doorsteps. It is a highly flexible B2B and B2C compliant app with features that help business to reduce the cost of operating a fleet, managing drivers, planning vehicle acquisition and optimising assigning/dispatching goods to multiple territories. Our app is incomparable: it’s easy to set-up, scalable to any size and built on open source code. It is a packaged app and includes the source code.

Offshore Partner

Our ultra-modern facilities and development centres offer extensive resources that are cost-effective and still up to global standards. When you offshore app development to us you get quality services at lower prices. You are welcome to contact us for software development partnerships, training and implementing solutions that require a high degree of technical competence and experience.

Outfleet - Offshore Partner
Outfleet - Seller Partner

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Outfleet app sells like hot cakes so you don’t have to go out of the way to find buyers. You can sell it on your website or in person, either ways you are assured of making good sales and decent earnings. Your potential customers will include logistic operators, parcel service operators, restaurants, courier services, pharmacies and even retailers and grocery shops that offer doorstep delivery.

Referral Partner

As a referral partner, you just share your buyer information with us and we will take care of the selling process. It is as easy as this. As a referral partner you will be entitled to receive a fair share of the sale proceed wherever your business may be located. We don’t insist on your executing any lengthy documents or going through an exhausting selection process. When we say simple and easy, we really mean it.

Outfleet - Referral Partner

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