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Integrate your current restaurant website with our powerful Restaurant Delivery Software and meet the expectations of savvy customers.

Restaurant Delivery Software
Website Ordering

Website Ordering

Customers can order food directly on your restaurant's website. Empower your website as an ordering platform for customers.

Delivery Zone Settings

Set Delivery Zones

Create multiple Delivery Zones and ensure that delivery points are within the zone. Admin can define delivery polygons on the map.

Online Payment Gateway

Online Payment Gateway

Our app supports multiple payment gateway integration. It is an online food delivery software compatible with various payment processors.

Delivery Driver's App

It will boost drivers’ performance due to its driver-friendly features and help them to cover more deliveries along with instant feedback. It is ideally suited to connect with customers.

Online Food Delivery Software
  • Real Time Delivery Tracking

    Put the power of tracking in your customer’s hands with the actual restaurant to delivery point journey route on Google Maps.

  • Manual and Auto Assign Food Delivery Tasks

    Dual driver assignment options. Admin can assign work manually. The system can also assign automatically, based on the nearest available driver.

  • Instant Order Notification and Alerts

    Instant push notification enabled for new order assignment to drivers. Food delivery software can update drivers about new orders, or an altered order or cancellation.

  • Customer Communication

    Customer communication through driver messages and phone calls. Drivers can seek address confirmation or any other clarification for concluding delivery.

  • Route Navigation and Shortest Route Algorithm

    Provide drivers with automated route navigation based on real-time traffic conditions. Smart algorithms in restaurant delivery software make complex processes simple.

Customer Mobile Apps

Elevate customer experience with our customer mobile app for food ordering.

  • Branded Mobile apps

    Build an exclusive branded Android and iPhone compatible app with our source code and upload it to the App Store and Play Store.

  • Real-time Order Status

    Get confirmation and preparation status along with driver assignment details. The Online food delivery software also updates customers about the expected time of arrival.

  • User Friendly Navigation

    Intuitive menu navigation for ordering multiple food items and payment methods. Customers can include customized alternatives.

  • Instant Push Notification

    Push notifications for order confirmation and process commencement for preparation and completion. Customers also get driver pickup status and ETA.

  • Integrated Feedback System

    Enabled for customer star ratings and delivery experience about driver performance for courtesy, food quality and timeliness, including overall satisfaction.

Customer Mobile Apps
Restaurant - Food Delivery

Jumpstart your online business with our Restaurant Delivery Software

Restaurant Website and Ordering Application

The Perfect Featured Restaurant Website Application for Handling Orders Immaculately. Get it Now and Start Cruising.

Restaurant Website and Ordering Application
  • Mobile Responsive Ordering web Application

    Compatible with mobile phones as well as web applications. It is responsive making it easy for navigation.

  • Select Multiple Food Add-ons and Quantity

    Customers can request an enhancement to dishes with choice toppings and food serving sizes. Other specific instructions can also be included.

  • Save Multiple Delivery Address

    Customers can save multiple address types like home, office or simply as others. It is also possible to delete or edit addresses at will.

  • Advanced Cart and Secure Checkout

    Fully comprehensive restaurant delivery software for checkout summary. Customers can approve the invoice with all charges including delivery and discount coupons applied. Make changes to the delivery address and get customers’ full instructions to start.

  • Flexible Payment - COD and Online Payment

    Customers can choose to pay cash on delivery or use other options like online payment with debit, credit or gift cards.

Restaurant Dashboard and Order Management App

Advanced Dashboard and Order Management features for total control over the entire order-to-delivery cycle. Streamlined operations ensure efficiency and reduce confusion in order execution.

  • New Order Management

    Receive and manage multiple new orders simultaneously and accept or reject based on availability with update preparation time and notify for pickup.

  • Restaurant Online and Offline Mode

    Restaurants can go online or offline at any time. Ordering by the customer is possible only during online time when open.

  • Order Notification with Sound Alert

    Get a long ringing sound alarm about new orders in the food delivery software. Admin controls for acceptance or rejection of order and passing it to the preparation section for execution.

  • Multiple Open and Close Time for Restaurant

    Set up multiple-session open close operating sessions. Orders during closed time will be disabled and customer access to ordering will be denied.

  • Food Items Management

    Admin can list out availability and unavailability positions for customers viewing. Admin can add or remove food item by item and include relevant images, prices, serving size and other addons.

Restaurant Dashboard and Order Management App

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Product Features

Fully-empowered feature-rich advanced easily deployable app designed to make running online food delivery a breeze.

Unlimited Orders

Unlimited Orders

Restaurants can process unlimited orders and deliveries without any restrictions. Add as many customers and drivers required for the smooth operation of the restaurant.

Advanced Restaurant Settings

Advanced Restaurant Settings

Setting up options for the online food delivery software include minimum order value and restaurant geo-location, address with logo included.

Order Invoice Download

Order Invoice Download

Customers can download invoices for each order separately. The invoice will include the address and payment details along with payment mode information.

Analytics and Order Reports

Analytics and Order Reports

Generate reports for orders received and executed, customers serviced; day wise, weekly, monthly, yearly or for custom time frames.

Cuisines Management

Cuisines Management

Classify restaurants as multiple or single cuisine restaurants and manage the menu with the food delivery software.

Delivery Charges and Tax Settings

Delivery Charges and Tax Settings

Automatically calculate delivery charges based on delivery distance or charge a flat fee. All calculations are done automatically at checkout.

Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support

Allows customers to choose their preferred language including RTL for enhanced customer experience. You can offer customers service in their language.

Discount Coupons

Discount Coupons

Distribute discount coupons to qualifying customers and automatically link them to the invoicing module to execute offers seamlessly.

Email and SMS Gateway Integration

Email and SMS Gateway

Customer registration verification by email and SMS for new registrants. The restaurant delivery software can be configured for specific email and SMS gateways.

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