Evolution of taxi dispatching software and its core features

Evolution of taxi dispatching software and its core features

Taxi industry is divided into organized and unorganized sectors. This sector is highly fragmented and unorganized segment has a market share of 90%. The taxi business has been there since the beginning of the travel business. Taxi owners fight locally to capture the customer base in their location. Customer experience is the most important factor. Passenger chooses a taxi with whom they had a comfortable ride in the past. There is a unique reason for customers to come back. Taxi owners collaborate with some hotels, shops, and companies to create a larger customer base. These traditional players have many disadvantages such as huge cost, poor customer support, and limited payment options.

Ride-hailing platform: Organized segment has a wider scope for growth. Middle-class consumers are target customers for taxi business due to their spending power and population. Technologies introduce software to ease the traveling. This taxi dispatch software can be developed as an interactive platform between the passenger and driver. Consumers can book the taxi by using their mobile application. This ride-hailing platform should be integrated with all payment options. Drivers will get an immediate notification about the passenger request. The taxi company can track this customer booking in real-time. There are three user segments of customers namely individual, corporate, and tourist. They do different marketing processes for each segment.

Passenger and Driver: Passengers should sign up in the software with their personal data. The taxi dispatch software will ask the passenger about pick-up location, drop location, and time schedule. Consequently, it will check the availability of the vehicle and show the traveling packages. Passenger can choose their choice of package and confirm his booking. Drivers must be pleasant and helpful. They must take the utmost care of the passenger. Since the drivers are working remotely, there is a need to have a keen eye to check their work. In the taxi business, the key is not only to hire drivers who need money but the goal is to recruit those who love driving and don’t work solely just for money.

Customer Experience: A perfect sync between the business operators and drivers is all that is needed for impressive customer experience. One of the most popular customer complaints is the delay of the taxi. It has become a ritual of drivers who gives a time estimation of two minutes and come after ten minutes. Some drivers make this as their daily routine and run for another booking which gives more money. If customers face delay in arrival, then it may cause missing the flight or train or an event. The business operator should know every step of bookings, and they should assist the drivers and customers with accurate information. Hence, a top-notch dispatch system should be the priority for better communication.

Coupon codes and Discounts: Every Passenger loves discounts. Taxi service gives this type of feature for generating higher revenue. Taxi drivers place those stickers on their vehicles to offer the discount which will attract more people. It will indirectly improve the customer experience. The taxi booking company can showcase this offer on its website, mobile applications, and other social media channels as a marketing activity.

Digital Wallets and Online Payments: Passengers want to complete their payment process quickly. They wish to pay with their digital wallets or unified payment interface. The taxi dispatch software adds these features to enhance the passenger experience and it will be more convenient for paying the traveling charge. The software can also add online payment via internet banking to provide a cashless ride for passengers.


Author : Rajiv Singh
Rajiv Singh

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