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Setting up taxi booking software cannot be any easier – all it takes is a simplified streamlined installation process that even a non-technical person can do with ease. Whether yours is start up or an established taxi business, Outfleet will help you outdo the competition and cruise ahead in style and performance. Simple yet extremely powerful features, easy navigability and eye-catching friendly user interfaces are our hallmarks. Start now to experience a unique advantage.

  • Taxi Driver Apps

    Driver Apps

    Get advance booking alerts and geo location of passengers; minimise idling time and strategize for better collection and plan trips in advance.

    • Manage Trip History

      Manage trip requests and History

      Know your passengers' trip history better and manage trip requests for predictive analysis and planning.

    • Real-time notification and booking

      Real-time notification and booking

      Keep all stakeholders in the loop by distributing notices and booking status – ensures confidence and loyalty.

    • Customer Review

      Customer review

      See what passengers have to say about their experience – get insights to improve services, increase fleet size.

    • Accept or Reject Trip Requests

      Accept or reject trip requests

      Take the guess work out and bring transparency – confirm a booking, politely reject or offer an alternative.

    • Customer Location Tracking

      Customer location tracking

      Be able to pinpoint exact location of passengers – saves money & time and increases ride hours manifold.

    • Driver Reports

      Quick reports

      Generate reports for the management to review performance, planning, budgeting and fleet acquisition.

  • Taxi Passenger Apps

    Passenger Apps

    A taxi dispatch system with the friendliest user interface you can imagine; simple to order services and easy to navigate through all features.

    • Advanced Taxi Booking

      Advanced bookings options

      Don’t have to wait until the last minute; allows passengers to book in advance and avoid delays.

    • Real-time trip tracking

      Real-time trip tracking

      Passengers can track taxi arrival time in advance – enables them to prepare for the trip.

    • Custom brand and white-label app

      Custom brand and white-label app

      Build a solid reputation with a brand logo of your own that passengers users recognise for quality and experience.

    • Ratings, reviews & driver profiles

      Ratings, reviews and driver profiles

      Passenger can rate services and write a review – more positive reviews means better patronage.

    • Fare estimates

      Fare estimates

      Customers get instant fare estimates to avoid unpleasant surprises – customers benefit from choosing your taxi.

    • Trip history and payment invoice

      Trip history and payment invoice

      Customers can revisit their trips and get payment invoice for reimbursement without hassles.

  • Taxi Booking Software

    Admin Pannel

    Multi-level real-time taxi dispatch software with streamlined centralised command and control structure for total control over all operating modules.

    • Dashboard & Business Analytics

      Dashboard & Business Analytics

      Audit your fleet assets and optimise usage. Get insights on passenger preferences, peak demand boarding points, per-ride collection, fleet positioning and more.

    • Adjustable Fares

      Adjustable Fares

      Increase non-peak hour rides and offer discounted fares. Reward loyal passengers by offering redeemable coupons; offer multiple payment modes and do more.

    • Vehicle Management

      Vehicle Management

      Optimise your vehicle usage. Plan maintenance schedules, pickup points, driver allocation; minimise idling hours, reduce driver fatigue and per-taxi collection.

    • Driver Management

      Driver Management

      Allocate taxis, calculate salary and bonuses, track attendance and compliance, efficiency achieved and provide centralised real-time data and information for improving performance.

    • Customer Management

      Customer Management

      Build customer loyalty by resolving complaints at the earliest. Distribute rewards & discounts, receive feedback and overall increase user experience for passengers.

    • Trip History & Transactions

      Trip History & Transactions

      Get complete history about fares collected, payment receipt modes, vehicle movement and fuel efficiency.

  • Taxi Dispatch System

    Dispatch System

    Taxi dispatch system designed to optimise fleet utilisation and cut down idling hours by moving taxis to precisely where passengers order services most.

    • Web-based dispatching

      Web-based dispatching

      Totally web based dispatching system ensures data security and faster dispatches – ensures anywhere access of data.

    • Auto-complete addresses

      Auto-complete addresses

      Makes data feeding faster and prevents operator fatigue – good for your busy customers drivers who want to spend less time on their phone.

    • Real-time vehicle tracking

      Real-time vehicle tracking

      Know where your vehicles are moving and notify drivers in advance – provide traffic density data to move faster to passenger location.

    • Ratings and Activity Reviews

      Ratings and Activity Reviews

      Receive your passengers rating and driver activity on real-time basis – helps to train your staff to deliver high-quality services.

    • Flexible Dispatch & Navigation

      Flexible Dispatch & Navigation

      Move your fleet to location with high demand and save fuel consumption – helps to move fleet to vantage locations.

    • Receive Booking Requests

      Receive Booking Requests

      Process booking requests instantly and plan dispatch in advance – maintain a healthy backlog for optimal resource utilisation.

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Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Never-before range of payment gateway options for passengers to win passenger confidence.

Multi-language Support

Multi-language Support

More language options mean better experience for your passengers – It support multiple languages.

Taxi Booking System

Advance Booking

Enable your customers to plan ahead – encourages more rides and optimal fleet utilisation.

Wallet Integration

Wallet Integration

Put the power of wallet in your customers hands – you gain and your passengers too.

Promo Codes Integration

Promo Codes Integration

Create and distribution of promo codes can be done easily in the taxi booking system.

Caller ID and VoIP integration

Caller ID and VoIP integration

Give customers multiple options to call for your taxi service – give them the power of personalised service.

Auto passenger notification

Auto passenger notification

Fully automated notifications for passengers inform arrival, cancellation confirmation, trip completion, trip fare and greetings.

Centralised command

Centralised command

Get an in-depth bird’s eye view of how your fleet is performing and monitor performance round the clock on your console.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Station your fleet at strategic location to grab your customers first – quicker response is higher patronage.

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White label solution, Branded mobile apps and Latest technology stacks.

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