Why do business owners and delivery dispatchers prefer an Outfleet delivery software ?

blog published date October 28, 2022
Why do business owners and delivery dispatchers prefer an Outfleet delivery software ?

What is Outfleet?

Any business that depends on the timely delivery of goods to its customers must use a Delivery Management Software for improving customer relationship objectives. Outfleet is computer software that seeks to achieve this aim. Some of the top business categories that can use Outfleet are restaurants (for food delivery), e-commerce, and retail (grocery) businesses for fulfilling orders. Courier companies can use it for letter delivery (and packages) and logistics operators for long-distance transport and even laundry service providers for delivering clothes.


What are the Benefits of Outfleet Software?

Outfleet-driven delivery management system enables businesses to operate with lean resources more efficiently. It can do the work of several people with increased efficiency and precision. It is designed to make work easy for the delivery team and increase productivity. Outfleet is a tool for teams that repeat the same process repeatedly.

Top 5 Outfleet Features in a Nutshell

Real-time tracking

Your team (and customers) can track the movement of goods in real time. The software uses sophisticated tracking resources to give good results. Your customers will be happy because they are updated on the exact time of arrival for planning their next move. Dispatchers can track the drivers real-time location and online status.

Auto Assign work to delivery personnel

Your delivery team can use Outfleet to evenly distribute tasks to a big team and avoid duplicating the same work and wasting time. The delivery system uses AI-driven algorithms in the assigning process based on captured and stored data. This will give your team time to do more complex work and save them from doing routine work that is repetitive. You can use your drivers optimally without causing stress and tiredness. Less stress and optimal working conditions lead to higher productivity. The most important point is that you can allocate work to drivers systematically and scientifically.

Simple to use Advanced Dashboard

Outfleet – Delivery Management System comes with an unbeatable navigation system. The super administrator(Web and Android Native Application) can assign rights at multiple levels, such as updating drivers’ profiles, planning an optimized route, getting a list of assignments (or unassigned work), and overall acting as a central control point.

Instant Push Notifications and Alarms

Outfleet includes push notifications to alert every stakeholder in the delivery loop beginning with merchandise booking, planning the route, managing delays, task withdrawal, and reallocation, sending alerts, calendar tasks listing, real-time work progress reports, and pickup or delivery status; all on as-it-happens accuracy.


Advanced Application Settings

Outfleet is a flexible delivery management software that can be adapted by many business types. Users can configure it for settings on/off, multiple languages, power saving mode, navigation assistance, and auto-start preset.


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