How can Delivery Companies Streamline their Delivery Management with Outfleet?

How can Delivery Companies Streamline their Delivery Management with Outfleet?

To make your delivery process smart, you must automate the task with delivery management software such as Outfleet. Outfleet has every feature that delivery teams will like to have. It will reduce manual processes and drive up productivity exponentially. The advantage is you can optimize the returns from your fleet and the people who work for your business.

Outfleet comes with a wide range of features and has been designed for easy adaptation. It is a versatile delivery management system that can fit any business that depends on a foolproof delivering network. Here are nine features that make it an unbeatable delivery automation tool.

Customized Branding and Multi-user Capability – Your business can use its own business name. Your delivery admin can link to an endless number of users including vehicle drivers, delivery managers, invoicing accountants, and payment processors. Different versions are available – exclusive, shared, or customized.

Designed to work with a wide range of business types – Outfleet can be used for delivery management in restaurants, retail store networks, grocery shops, and wholesalers. It is a multi-tasking Delivery Management Software that can be deployed for all your business.

Multi-tasking compatibility – It can be used for serial pickup and multi-point delivery for all your businesses located in different locations. Your admin manager can change delivery routes and issue instructions automatically without contacting the vehicle driver.

Automated Bulk workload assignment to drivers – If you have to deliver goods in large quantities or numbers to customers regularly then this feature is for you. Bulk delivery will maximize your vehicle capacity and group different deliveries that require a similar approach. It is all automatic and is based on the criteria you set.

Third-party Integration compatibility – Outfleet is compatible with a large number of other software that your business may be using currently. By using special APIs, you can link it to order receiving websites, shopping carts, CRMs, or any other application such as invoicing, accounting, or a messaging system.

Real-time Mode OperationOutfleet is built with intelligent technology features and algorithms that work without human intervention. As soon as an event occurs, it is registered and all related data gets updated. This feature will give your customers an automated estimate of delivery time, live vehicle location, and time taken for completing assigned tasks.

Fully-enabled Centralized Dashboard Control – Outfleet is endowed with a smart navigation screen feature compatible with mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Your delivery admin can use it for tracking and controlling the delivery process 24/7 while on the move.

Automated Notification – Clockwork precision technology makes it possible for Outfleet to notify all stakes holders such as delivery managers/administrators, vehicle drivers, and customers as soon as an event occurs. This will help managers to plan the next move or assign a new task for drivers.

Real-time Customer Initiated Tracking – Outfleet can generate a relevant link (URL) for your customers enabling them to track their packages (goods) on a real-time basis. It will save you a lot of time that you will otherwise have to spend on answering customers’ inquiries.

Outfleet is the preferred leading Delivery Management System of business owners for whom delivering accurately, efficiently and on time is critical for their success. It can do more: can be used for generating reports, analyzing delivering process efficiency, expanding operations with existing fleet assets, and strategizing the delivery process.

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