How can Delivery Companies Streamline their Delivery Management with Outfleet?

blog published date December 02, 2022
Delivery Management

To make your delivery management process smart, you must automate the task with software such as Outfleet. Outfleet has every feature that delivery teams would like to have. It will reduce manual processes and up productivity exponentially. The advantage is you can optimize the returns from your fleet and the people who work for your business by improving customer satisfaction, reducing operational costs, and increasing efficiency.

It has helped many businesses to gain a competitive edge in the market by offering faster, cheaper, and better delivery services to their customers.

Outfleet, the Final Name in Delivery Management

Outfleet comes with a wide range of features and has been designed for easy adaptation. It is a versatile Delivery Management Software that can fit any business that depends on a foolproof delivery network. Here are nine features that make it an unbeatable delivery automation tool.

Customized Branding and Multi-user Capability – Your business can use its own business name. Your delivery admin can link to an endless number of users including vehicle drivers, delivery managers, invoicing accountants, and payment processors. Different versions are available – exclusive, shared, or customized. Designed to work with a wide range of business types – Outfleet can be used for delivery management in restaurants, retail store networks, grocery shops, and wholesalers. It is a multi-tasking software that can be deployed for all your businesses.

Here are some exemplary features that make it indispensable for most businesses.

Outfleet Features, A Bird’s Eye View

Multi-tasking compatibility

It can be used for serial pickup and multi-point delivery for all your businesses located in different locations. Your admin manager can change delivery routes and issue instructions automatically without contacting the vehicle driver. It helps businesses control and optimize their delivery operations in that it can improve customer satisfaction by providing real-time tracking, notifications, and feedback options for deliveries. Customers can see where their orders are when they will arrive, and how they can rate or comment on the service. This can increase customer loyalty, retention, and referrals.

Another advantage of using software that assists businesses in managing and improving their delivery processes is that it can reduce operational costs by automating tasks such as route planning, dispatching, invoicing, and reporting. The software can calculate the best routes, assign the most suitable drivers, generate invoices and receipts, and produce reports and insights. This can save time, money, and resources.

A third advantage of using Outfleet software that enables businesses to handle and enhance their delivery services is that it can enable data-driven decisions, performance monitoring, and analytics. It can collect and analyze data from various sources, such as GPS, sensors, cameras, and feedback. This can help businesses identify problems, opportunities, and trends. This can also help businesses improve their quality, speed, and accuracy.

Automated Bulk workload assignment to drivers

If you have to deliver goods in large quantities or numbers to customers regularly then this feature is for you. Bulk delivery will maximize your vehicle capacity and group deliveries require a similar approach. It is all automatic and is based on the criteria you set.

Automated bulk workload assignment to drivers is a feature that allows the software to automatically assign delivery tasks to the drivers based on various factors, such as their location, availability, capacity, and preferences. It can save time and resources for the dispatch operators, who do not have to manually assign each task to the drivers. It can also improve the efficiency and productivity of the drivers, who can receive the optimal tasks for their routes and schedules. Automated bulk workload assignment to drivers in the delivery management business can be achieved by using different methods, such as:

1. Auto-assigning newly created delivery tasks to the drivers closest to the delivery or the first driver who accepts it.

2. Using a route optimization engine that considers time, location, capacity, and traffic to produce the most efficient routing solutions.

3. Drawing geo-fences over the map and assigning drivers to specific regions.

4. Allowing drivers to browse the unassigned tasks on their mobile app and assign any of them to themselves.

Third-party Integration compatibility

Outfleet is compatible with a large number of other software that your business may be using currently. By using special APIs, you can link it to order-receiving websites, shopping carts, CRMs, or any other application such as invoicing, accounting, or a messaging system.

Third-party integration is the ability of the software to connect and communicate with other applications, systems, and devices that are relevant for delivery management solution. For example, the system may integrate with a third-party warehouse management system (WMS) to exchange data and information about the inventory, orders, shipments, and deliveries. This can help to streamline and automate the delivery processes, reduce errors and delays, and improve customer satisfaction.

Third-party integration compatibility can expand the functionality and flexibility, efficiency, and productivity of the systems, enhance security and compliance, and support the innovation and growth of the systems. For instance, by integrating with a third-party WMS, the systems can use the features and services of the WMS that may not be available or feasible to develop in-house, such as managing the inventory, orders, shipments, and deliveries. Integrating can reduce manual work, duplication, and inconsistency of data and information across different software, such as providing real-time tracking, notifications, and feedback options for deliveries.

By integrating with a third-party CRM, businesses can ensure that they follow the best practices, standards, and regulations of the industry and the market, such as managing the customer database, history, portal, and communication. By integrating with a third-party accounting system, the systems can facilitate the development and testing of new features, updates, and improvements, such as managing billing, invoicing, and payments.

Real-time Mode Operation

Outfleet, delivery management software, is built with intelligent technology features and algorithms that work without human intervention. As soon as an event occurs, it is registered and all related data gets updated. This feature will give your customers an automated estimate of delivery time, live vehicle location, and time taken for completing assigned tasks.

Managing and optimizing the delivery operations in real-time, using data and analytics, is what real-time working in the delivery management business means. Real-time working in the delivery business can benefit businesses by improving customer satisfaction, reducing operational costs, increasing efficiency and productivity, and enhancing safety and compliance. Some of the aspects of real-time working in the delivery business are:

Real-time working in the delivery business can be achieved by using different methods and tools, such as APIs, platforms, systems, or software. These methods and tools can help businesses integrate with other applications, systems, and devices that are relevant for delivery management. Real-time working in the delivery business can be a key factor that can determine the success and competitiveness of delivery businesses in the market.

Fully-enabled Centralized Dashboard Control

Outfleet is endowed with a smart navigation screen feature compatible with mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Your delivery admin can use it for tracking and controlling the delivery process 24/7 while on the move.

Automated Notification – Clockwork precision technology makes it possible for Outfleet to notify all stakeholders such as delivery managers/administrators, vehicle drivers, and customers as soon as an event occurs. This will help managers to plan the next move or assign a new task for drivers.

Real-time Customer Initiated Tracking

Outfleet can generate a relevant link (URL) for your customers enabling them to track their packages (goods) in real-time. It will save you a lot of time that you would otherwise have to spend on answering customers’ inquiries.

Outfleet in Brief

In brief, this is what businesses can hope to achieve with delivery management automation. They can enhance their operations with Outfleet, a powerful software. By automating tasks, Outfleet boosts productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing costs. The software offers various features that make it a crucial tool for delivery teams. The benefits include custom branding, multi-user capabilities, and versatility for different business types. It supports multi-tasking, aiding businesses with diverse locations and varying delivery needs. Real-time tracking and feedback options enhance customer experiences, leading to loyalty and referrals. Automation further streamlines operations. It automates bulk workload assignments to drivers based on criteria set by the business.

Third-party integration compatibility connects Outfleet with various software applications like CRMs and accounting systems. Real-time mode operation ensures accurate delivery estimates and live vehicle tracking. A centralized dashboard and mobile-compatible navigation enable remote control. Automated notifications keep stakeholders informed, while real-time customer-initiated tracking reduces inquiries. Outfleet empowers delivery companies to streamline processes, achieve efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer experiences, making it an indispensable tool in the market.


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Nandhakumar is a seasoned expert in automated delivery software and a prolific author renowned for his insightful eBooks on software automation and delivery management solutions. With a wealth of knowledge, he shares valuable insights to propel businesses forward.

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