The Importance of Delivery Software in Last-mile Connectivity

blog published date January 05, 2023
The Importance of Delivery Software in Last-mile Connectivity

Most customers don’t know how goods are transported and the complex work involved in the entire operation. The process starting from the point of ordering to reaching the final receipt at the destination can be confusing if not automated with a proper software designed for last-minute delivery. It is complicated work to keep a tab on the movement if you don’t use Delivery Management Software.

Here are the advantages of using a delivery management system in the last-mile experience of customers.

The entire operation becomes transparent and customers can directly log into your website or app and check all information on a real-time basis. The customer can monitor the exact location of the merchandise, arrival, and departure at each point of transhipment, details of the delivery agent (or driver), and a graphical display of the route. A good last-mile experience is important if you want to give users a historic experience.

Delivery management software has a wide range of functionalities that are difficult to manage manually. The problem with manual delivery is that they are prone to human errors and inefficiency. The software can auto-assign tasks for drivers automatically and minimize human attention. It can schedule delivery, notify customers in advance and overall reduce the burden on the delivery teamwork. Overall such software increases your brand’s reputation.

Last-mile route operation with the software will improve better utilization of vehicles. The software will calculate using intelligent algorithms for determining the shortest route the driver should take, traffic density in the route, weather forecasts, and the ability of the vehicle being used. It can locate the nearest driver available and maximize the number of stops the person can service. Management software for delivery can be used for analyzing by using historical stored data.

Software handling the last-mile segment will help the business operator in making accurate delivery charge calculations. It can calculate charges based on a flat-rate basis, variable charges calculated based on pickup and drop points, minimum charges (example 2 KMS) with provision for additional charges on the actual distance covered, and in eligible cases free delivery. The benefit is you can give customers a transparent and rationalized tariff card.

Your delivery business will have limitless benefits such as: quicker deliveries, time-bound delivery commitment, precision delivery point locating, direct customer-to-driver communication, operational transparency to all stakeholders in the loop, and a higher level of customer satisfaction that will increase revenue flow and profit.

Why Outfleet?

Outfleet is a reputed Delivery Management System that focuses on customer satisfaction and ease of operation in the last-mile delivery of all types of merchandise. Within your business, it can improve individual productivity and solve all delivery-related issues. It has every feature a last-mile business will want.


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